i took a trip.

I went on a trip this weekend. It was a long weekend on the other coast with two amazing women whom I’ve know for at least a decade.

There’s a part of me that wants to tell you about this trip; to fill you in on the conversations we had, the laugher we shared, the moments in life we poured into each other. The other part of me wants to hold those moments close to my chest, afraid that if I share them with you then there will be less for me to hold and cling to. I’ll see if there’s a balance of sorts so we’re both pleased.

I used to be their youth leader at a small southern Baptist church in Little Town, Texas (not the real name of the town). Now we’re all living our lives in different states, on opposite coasts, and yet our journeys have a familiar texture to them. We’re living lives of glory and love, of passion and strength, of tenderness and inquisitiveness. All of these parts exist in all of us and for us, the three women, we live into these parts with equal fervor and desire to know ourselves more deeply, to love others more fully, and to seek the face of God – no matter if we actually call it that or not.

After being their ‘leader’ for years, we met on equal footing (not for the first time, but it feels like the most truthful time for me) and I can honestly say that I feel like a more full version of myself because of their unconditional love for me. The words they spoke over me touched my heart and filled my soul. This trip was everything I couldn’t even dream about because I didn’t know it could actually ever exist.

You make my heart full. I love you both like sisters and hope you always know that on a level past your head. I hope you feel it in your being.



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