I enjoy cooking. I find myself giddy at the idea that I get to take all these random things, put them together in a (somewhat) magical way, and experience how awesome things taste when I’m done.

I was making a salsa this weekend, my favorite salsa actually. I used to live across the street from a Kroger’s grocery store and while I was shopping one day I stumbled upon a black bean and corn salsa. I bought some and ate the entire container for dinner (it’s all veggies… don’t judge me). After a few more purchases I looked at the ingredients to see if perhaps I could make this delightful treat myself.

Good news: not only could I pronounce every ingredient on the label but I could also purchase all ingredients there at the store.

Needless to say, I’ve been mastering this simple recipe for a couple of years now and the salsa always reminds me of summer. I don’t even eat it as a salsa anymore, I simply grab a spoon and dig in like I’m a kid and it’s a giant helping of some awesomely sugary cereal. I decided on Sunday that I could no longer wait for summer to just get here already, so I got all the things I needed to make my summer salsa.

I roasted some corn on the stove. I rinsed the black beans, I chopped tomatoes, jalepenos, onions, cilantro until I could barely hold a knife. I put it all in a GIANT bowl (I went a bit crazy and made A LOT. Again, don’t judge me). It was somewhere between the roasting of the corn and chopping of the jalapenos that I had a thought…

I wonder if this might have been what God felt like when (S)He made humans.

I find myself so excited about this dish, so happy that it’s about to exist as I have dreamed it, all these simple ingredients coming together in a magical way, being able to enjoy the dish and the memories I have of eating it with others…. I wonder if this is a sliver, just a simple breeze of the full feeling that God had when (S)He first dreamed of humanity; walking alongside humans, being in relationship with humanity, sharing memories with each other… and maybe I’m just a bit over the edge, but maybe I’m not.

Yahweh God took dust from the ground, dirt, a simple ingredient, and added His/Her own breathe, His/Her own presence of existence, His/Her own proof of life and put it into the dirt. God got dirty and created a simple dish we call Humanity to walk with, journey through life with, be in relationship with, build memories with. God is the ultimate chef and I am humble at the simple ways (S)He speaks to me and teaches me of Her/Him.

Spring is so close my body can feel it, and right after that comes summer. Where will you commune with the Divine and what dish will you bring to the table? What does it look like for you to be in relationship with a Higher Power and what do you call that Higher Power?


Happy feasting to all my readers.


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