invite me in

oh! the colors!

Spring is here! It’s a time when this city comes to life. You see trees begin to bloom – first the cherry trees, with their pale pink blossoms, steal my heart and make me smile with the delight of knowing that winter will end soon and I will again see the sun on a more regular basis.

It’s a time when businesses open their doors and leave them open because it really, truly feels so damn good outside. Most businesses have these garage door type window situations that they can roll open so there is a continuation of the outside now being inside. You are dining with nature in all its beauty.

Spring beckons us with a whisper…

invite me in. let me begin to warm your heart after a long, cold winter.

let me show you the colors I have waiting for you.

let me remind you how green this place is, how alive it can be.”

pink pink and more pink

After a long winter, the season of death for the world, spring brings with it gentle reminders of a warm world, a pregnant anticipation of summer. Spring is akin to a childlike fascination for the world around you, watching things hatch, come to life, be born again.

Spring is the beginning of new life.

Cherry tree

around my neighborhood

What is coming alive inside of you this spring? what longings did you hold in your heart through this winter? how will you allow yourself to be fascinated with the world around you this season?

wishing you warm sun and cool breezes,


reach for the sky, reach for the sun


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