to my friends

Man, I have funny friends.

Seriously, laughter abounds in my life at this point.

The brilliant thing is that they’re not just funny; they’re very deep people.

People who can cry.

People who know what it is to mourn.

Friends who have been in the darkness of life and have survived.

Men and women who are not afraid to share their depravity and then to also speak of their beauty.

Case in point: my roommate. She is beyond amazing. Her strength is unmatched in most women today. Her tenderness is unfathomable. Her humor is life giving, Her laugher is contagious. She is someone you simply want to be around, hoping to soak up the goodness of wisdom that comes forth. She will deny that she is wise, but do not be fooled.

I hope you get to meet her one day.

We sit around our apartment at times, usually at our kitchen table, and have these moments that I have dubbed ‘fireside chats.’ There is no actual fire involved seeing as how our apartment does not come equipped for such luxuries, but that’s beside the point. It’s one of those moments when you cannot believe that time actually moves so quickly, starting our chats at 8 and in the blink of an eye it is 1 AM. We get caught up in conversation about school, which leads to stuff going on in our lives, which usually leads to some crying on both our parts for we are supportive weepersno one will ever cry alone when either of us is near. After this, we usually laugh about something so insane, so ridiculous that it feels like no one else will understand. It is definately a ‘you had to be there’ moment.

I recently spent time with another friend who is quite an answer to prayer. Early in my life I was always one of the guys, tagging along with the guys for adventure rather than playing with dolls (I did a bit of doll playing, but I preferred climbing trees, making forts, and hiking through the woods when I could). I noticed a year ago the lack of male relationships in my life and I wished, hoped, and prayed for male friends who I could be comfortable with, laugh with, and who would be a friend in the truest sense of the word. Friday was a delight to my life; to be able to sit with him, share life with him (and a few of these uh-mazing donuts), talk about school work, and laugh oh Lord, but did we laugh with him was life to my heart.

There are a number of other people that I get to see regularly who have been a balm on a deep, deep wound in my soul and for  their listening, their silent understanding, their affirmations, and their laughter – yes, most of all their laughter – I owe a debt of gratitude.

Find some people whom you can cry and laugh with.

Life is not easy when shared with people, but it is better.

This is not the first time in my life I have had people like this around me, but I think this is the first time that I feel aware of how important it is and how alive I feel because of them.

So, to all of my friends out there – thank you.

Sincerely, thank you.


(and no matter how old I get I will always need spellcheck for the word ‘sincerely’)


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