paper writing season

Along with Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, there is another season in the life of a graduate school student. I fondly call it Paper Writing Season. It happens three times a year for me, since my school is structured into trimesters, but it is the time in the term when the due dates of all papers and projects seem to fall within the same week.

This week is paper writing season.

I was actually more prepared for it this time than ever before in my time at Mars Hill Graduate School (side note: my school is changing its name. That could be a whole other blog post about my issues with control and change). I had three papers and one group project due within four days this week and it’s all done. Let me repeat: it’s all done.

Paper writing season is also a time when I begin to think of other career paths I could take so that I won’t have to write these papers/do these projects. What else could I do with my life so that I don’t have to write about Carl Rogers and whether or not he fits with Stephen Mitchell’s integrative relational model, do a project over antisocial personality disorder, or write a review of a chapter in a book that I completely disagree with?

One career change that I might have (read: totally did) looked into was to be a lounge singer on a cruise ship. How bad ass would that be? It also accompanied my singing very loudly in my empty coffee shop but I may or may not have (read: I totally did) google some cruise lines that leave from Seattle and what would I have to do to join their team for a couple of months in the summer. Note to all – cruise ships ask for a 6 month commitment.

Needless to say I resigned myself to paper writing and was up until 2 AM finishing the only paper I hadn’t written up to this point.

I will not give up the dream. One day I will be a jazz/lounge singer and it. will. be. awesome.

" here we go Bluebird, back to the sky on your own..."


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