welcome to grad school Kid

Paper Writing Season is almost over. So close to the end of term and yet it feels too far away for my liking. After a few nights with little sleep I ended up taking the day off yesterday.

Friday was a late night due to a lovely birthday celebrate for a friend where we rocked karaoke and cocktails so well that our private karaoke room was crashed – not once but twice – by outsiders. We let them join and all were the better for it. Home late and even later to bed means that I slept in.

Sleeping in usually means 9 or 10, and while I woke up around 9:30 I didn’t even get out of bed until around 11 yesterday. I found a book on my bookshelf and got back into my bed and proceeded to read FOR FUN for the next 4ish hours, only leaving my room for bathroom breaks and to pay the delivery driver for the delicious Chinese food he brought to me – which I then proceeded to eat in bed without guilt or shame.

Talk about a Sabbath. It was glorious, rejuvenating, lovely, restful, and so appreciated.

I ended the day in what looks like quite the opposite fashion but was still glorious, rejuvenating, lovely, restful, and appreciated:

I square danced.

That’s right. I went to the MHGS Spring Banquet which ended with a band in the student lounge leading us in square dancing. It’s okay if you’re jealous, I would be if I were you because that’s how much fun it was! Quite a work out as well, but such a lovely way to spend the evening with classmates and families who all share a similar path convergence point of Mars Hill Graduate School (soon to be Joe Schmoe’s Pub and Grad School… or something like that).

Two opposite views of what it looks like to rest and enjoy life. What does your Sabbath look like? How do you unplug and refresh your soul?


...spin your partner round and round...

Wishing you a wonderful Sabbath this week.


shout out to the husband of Lala and friend to all – Mark – for being a kick ass dancing partner!


One thought on “rest

  1. I WISH we could be a “pub and grad school.” I love your sabbath, particularly the part about having no guilt or shame. Jack and I have taken Sundays “off” (= sabbath) for our whole marriage. Right now I’m facebook stalking everyone and Jack is playing video games. We, too, have no shame about resting 🙂

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