tender heart – {a poem}

Oh tender heart

Where have you been?

Hiding under dust and dirt, too scared to make yourself know.

Too afraid of being hurt you crushed yourself, silenced your voice

Made yourself weak so others could be strong, so others would fee okay.


Now you are here again, small and quite

But speaking.

You are small and quite

But powerful

You are small and quiet

But growing


From the depths you speak truth, Wisdom beyond your years

Pain you should not have felt guides you to honesty, gently calling others to Truth

You speak in a small, quiet voice

But I hear you. I know you. You are my heart.


Keep your tender ways for they are lovely.

Wash off the grime, the dust, the dirt

Rediscover your beauty, allow other to see you shine

Crawl, walk, run. Regain the use of your legs.


Please stand. Raise your voice.



Be not afraid.

Be not afraid.

Be not afraid.



You are here. You are real. You are strong.

You are growing, no longer small, no longer silent

But still tender.


Oh, my tender heart,

There you are.

I have missed you.



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