comfort in clothing

Walking down the stairwell of my school today I thought absently about the shirt I happen to be wearing – a long sleeve Michigan football t-shirt made with the softest cotton. I have no ties to Michigan, I have no immediate family in the American’s Mitten, but I do have friends there, and I got to take a trip out to Detroit/Ann Arbor last October which is when I bought this shirt. Simply by wearing this article of clothing I am reminded of my trip – a few awesome days in Detroit with Brandon and Amanda (whom I will always know as Jonah Fark) and my time Stephany, who lives in Ann Arbor, and the adventures we had!


brandon and amanda (aka - Jonah Fark)

me and Steph at the top of the Handcock Building


This made me think about other articles of clothing that bring me comfort, namely a Boston hoodie I unintentionally adopted from my friend Robyn when he moved from Seattle to Florida. Florida – not much need for hoodies. Robyn left it behind and I took it upon myself to give that hoodie a good home and a steady rotation in my wardrobe. Never mind that I’ve yet to visit Boston and have no emotional ties to the Red Socks, but I love that hoodie. It’s wearing thin and this makes me know that it has been loved well by both Robyn and me.

Robyn in Oregon, Spring 2010


I think about my pink shoes and the joy I feel when I wear them. They remind me not only of my own particular journey but of the wonderful, life giving women I have the pleasure of knowing from college, specifically Abby. She loves all things pink and glitter and has always been a source of comfort and joy for me. Abby lives a life of service, of loving people, and is devoted to God and Dr. Pepper (in that order) and I am a better person for knowing her and all the other women from my life at ETBU.



I think of my Magnolia Varsity Football 1999 t-shirt and how, when I’m homesick for familiar roads, familiar places, wide open skies, and a lifetime of memories… yes, then I wear the faded heather gray shirt with block maroon letters. The best part is that it has my brother’s name on the back because he was a part of the varsity football team that year (shout out to my big brotherChris!). It’s wearing thin and most likely shouldn’t be worn in public, but I can’t help it. It’s familiar. It’s of good times gone by. It’s of family

seeester and brudder! christmas 2009


Clothing is more than what I cover up with; clothing holds my memories, moments in time that may seem insignificant but actually impress upon my heart and soul the moments that made me laugh, cry, and that moved me in some way. These things shine on my soul and allow me to remember that I am not alone. You may just see a hoodie or some shoes, but to me it’s about remembering that I’m not alone.

I’m not alone.

I’m not alone.


Too much meaning for a t-shirt? maybe. but I don’t really care.


4 thoughts on “comfort in clothing

  1. love this, friend. can I just automatically like everything you do on facebook/this blog? because that sure would save me a lot of time pushing that dang button, hahaha. 🙂

  2. Woman… You never cease to amaze me, flood me with a myriad of emotions and bring me to tears. I love you!

    Well played…

  3. Courtnow SHUT UP! How sweet, sweet, sweet! I was just thinking today about how we haven’t talked in a while and I miss you! Thanks for making my day. 🙂

  4. Just reread this and enjoyed it even more the second time. There’s something about clothing and smells which transport you back to familiar places which warms the soul at much needed times!

    so much love to you.

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