new friends


sunglasses, Jane Austen, flipflops, a blanket, and some lovely friends (friends not pictured)

Making new friends isn’t easy but but it can be totally awesome.

Yesterday was the best. It could be because the sun was out (FINALLY!!) but I think it had more to do with the company than anything else.

It took about an hour-ish to abandon our books and our indoor study session for the joy of the sun. The temptation of nachos proved to be too strong so Matador was a must with another study-weary soul. Then the beach was calling our names.

Mind you, I was wearing jeans, flip flops, a hoodie,

and brought another jacket along with our two blankets, but THE SUN WAS OUT!!

When the sun is out you MUST be outside. It’s a Seattle rule.

Joined later on in our beach adventure by two other study weary classmates we lounged, threw rocks, laughed, dreamed of boats and kayaks, of camping and summer; we laughed more then parted ways with the promise of seeing each other again soon.

Another group of people nearby had made a small fire in the firepit, so while the sun was slowly making its way to it’s home behind the mountains, moving towards warming another part of this earth, I reveled in the smell of summer – the smell of the fire smoke wafting over me, the feeling of warmth on my face from the sun, hearing the laughter of those I care for in my ears while we yell at each other “no more talking of school! party foul with your therapy talk!!”


And I thought I’d be studying all day. Who am I to argue with the sun?


One thought on “new friends

  1. I love your adventures and how you embrace new experiences in life. It makes me incredibly thankful to have shared in some of those adventures and experiences with you … and now to read about others you have had.

    Much Love.

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