Sometimes friendship comes on a Delta flight from Detroit, MI. Other times it comes on a Continental plane from Houston. Even still it can show up in a bar on Capitol Hill.

Sometimes friendship drinks a porter, sometimes it enjoys a local Mac & Jacks.

Sometimes friendship will wander through a field of lovely flowers with you.

Sometimes friendship is about you. Other times is about your friend.

Sometimes it’s about late nights of laughing and drinking, other times it’s about early morning cups of coffee with the best donuts you ever tasted.

Sometimes it’s about wandering through common places for you and seeing it through their fresh eyes.

Sometimes friendship is about a troll statue, dirty jokes,  and laughing so hard that you honestly think you might pee on yourself.

Sometimes friendship is about a shared sunset with a beautiful view and laughter all along the way.

Sometimes it’s about home made hummus and peppers, wine sipped from jars, and musical moments in the living room that still make you smile a week later.

Friendship is always about a promised return to enjoy all of the above and more.


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