silent no more

I have a friend who created this project called the Silent Voices Bible; the main page states:

“The Silent Voices Bible is not an insult to God, it’s an experiential theology. As you read it you will have an opinion about how this bible differs from what you’ve read before. The challenge for readers is to pay attention to your own feeling of discomfort or anger (as well as joy or gratitude). If the stories and people in the bible seem less valuable when they are feminine, that is because we value masculine more than feminine. And the belief that a femal is lesser is an insult to God.”

I share this project, concept, point of view not to offend but to make conversation about the different experiences we have as people who inhabit the same planet. In a blog post on the site, Jack (the maker of this project) says that while we memorize our bibles we’re also subconsciously memorizing the belief that the bible is a book about men since most of the characters (including God) are presented as men (emphasis added).

This project fascinates me. What are your thoughts? What stirs in you? Let’s have a conversation…


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