seattle summer bucket list

Ladies and gents! I have officially made it through another year of graduate school, finishing with flare and a lot of tears from the hard work done over the past 10 months and the friends that are graduating.

Now that summer break has officially begun (eeeekkk!!!), I have some things I want to do before August 29th comes around and I’m back in the beautiful red bring building on Elliott and Wall once again (which will have a new name, no less).

Gosh, that place defines a love/hate relationship for me,

but that’s a post for another time.

For now, here is….

Courtney’s Seattle Summer Bucket List 2011 (in no particular order and not including things like trips that are already planned for me to go anywhere or for people to come see me… damn, that’s a long title)…

  1. Spend time at Discovery Park – this is one of the bigger parks in Seattle and I’ve heard it’s amazing but I’ve never been (ahh, life without a car, how I sometimes feel really trapped by thee).
  2. Go to Mt. Rainer – (or, as some lovely little girls I know like to call it – Mount Reindeer) I’ve only seen it from a plane so far.
  3. Ride a ferry – even if it’s just to Bainbridge, I must ride a ferry this summer. It’s almost like a sin that I’ve been here for as long as I have and still haven’t ridden a Seattle ferry (not to be confused with a fairy).
  4. Rent a scooter – I want to rent a scooter for a few hours or a day and just ride around the city in the sunshine, maybe take it over to Alki Beach.
  5. Spend time in Volunteer Park – another HUGE park in Seattle, I’ve only been there once. It has a conservatory and an Asian Art Museum.
  6. Washington Arboretum – according to the website, the Arboretum is a hidden gem on the shores of Lake Washington. Yep, I wanna see that.
  7. Kayak – I want to rent a kayak and spend some time on Lake Washington. Doesn’t that sound delightful? …what? …not to you? Good thing this is my list and not yours.
  8. Take the train to Portland – maybe just for a weekend, but I want to see the sights that can only be seen from a train. And – bonus – I want to see Portland. Maybe stay at a hostel for a night or something.
  9. Weekly Movie Night – some friends and I have talked about doing a weekly movie night where we watch old films we’ve never seen: Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, etc.
  10. Read the Harry Potter series – I want to know what everyone is talking about and try to figure out if I can love this story as much as others love it. We shall see.
  11. GO CAMPING – I don’t care if it’s for one night or several. I want to be in the trees, on a mountain, near a beach, WHATEVER. Someone take me to nature and pick me up when the sun is high overhead a few days later.


so, what are your summer plans? would you like to join me in my adventures? is there something you think I should add?


6 thoughts on “seattle summer bucket list

  1. All this sounds good. You should take the ferry to Bainbridge and go to Pegasus for breakfast.

    In no particular order:

    Fold 100 cranes
    Parks. Lots
    Red Hook brewery
    Learn to skate
    Finish up last decade of Pulitzer winners for fiction and poetry
    Teach Rosemary to drive stick
    Bike ride
    Read 10 books
    Nebraska with Rosemary

  2. sounds good to me. just read a memoir mostly set in seattle, so i actually had a clue of what you where talking about (!) with bainbridge, lake wash, etc (book = poser). seattle seems like some foreign, mysterious land to me. a land of coffee & weather that totally suits my mood (but where i’m afraid i’d be chronically depressed because of it).
    i’m sure it’s on your list, but i went to multinomah falls as a high schooler visiting portland & totally fell in love, so there’s that.
    love how you wrote this post.

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