‘i believe in you’

I have the privilege of serving on Student Leadership this year at my school, specifically in the realm of Student Council. The past two days have been spent in that lovely red brick building with the other new SL people, the returning SL people, and the departing SL people. We spent time dreaming about what we wanted our realms to be about and how our realms could work together on some ideas.

One of the most poignant moments was when we had several staff members join us on Day 1 in hopes to hear about how student leadership can serve them. They shared who they are, what they do, and why they keep working at MHGS. The overall response was, “I keep coming back because I believe in the product this school makes – I believe in the students and the work they do in this space and continue to do after graduation, out in the world at large.”

I heard, “Courtney, I believe in you. I know the work you’ve been doing is difficult, lonely, heartbreaking. I see the pain you’ve confronted. I see who you want to be and how you are working towards being that person. I am behind you. I am fighting for you and with you. I am on your side. I believe in you.”

I believe in you.

So much of my story with Mars Hill has been me stumbling through things, feeling extremely inadequate, doubting myself, worrying if I’ll hurt people more than I will help them as a therapist. A lot of that comes from my practicum journey and not feeling like I’m capable, feeling like I’m missing something whereas my peers seem to get it (whatever ‘it’ may be).

There have been few people who have told me that yes, Courtney, you can do this. My friends have spoken that truth into me, but that’s outside of the academic setting. I’ve received some life-giving comments on papers and projects from certain TA’s with words of belief. To hear these words from staff did something to my heart that day, and every day since. Anytime I think about Molly saying that she believed in us, the students of MHGS, my throat gets tight with emotion and my eyes swell with tears.

There’s something in those words that make me feel like all the hard work, all the tears shed, all the pain endured has been for something when most days I’m not quite sure what this is all for.

So thank you, Staff, for your words of encouragement. That was a much needed moment of love for many of us.


2 thoughts on “‘i believe in you’

  1. catching up on my courtney blog :), including lots of giggling!! HAD to add a resounding “i believe in YOU!”, too!!! i know clint would say the same. you’re an incredible gal, miss c. the work you’re doing is not in vain & i say that from a heart of going through lots of my own sh*t myself. the journey is worth it, even when we feel like it’s leading to hell, it’s worth it.
    (sort of heavy for a comment, no??! sorry!)

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