my relationship with harry potter

My relationship with Harry Potter is mild. I’m not super passionate about the story, although I find it to be well written. I’m not emotionally attached to the characters, even though I enjoyed watching them grow up in my imagination. I don’t find myself stoked about going to Harry Potter World down in Florida and the idea of butter beer makes me a bit nauseated just by the name alone.

Maybe it’s because I blasted through the books in three weeks and saw all the movies in one week.

Maybe it’s because I’m not in touch with my inner child.

Maybe because I just don’t want to love it as much as the majority of the world seems to love it.

Harry Potter and I have had a very serious 3.5 week relationship. I began The Sorcerer’s Stone on June 25th, after the MHGS graduate breakfast/open house and I finished The Deathly Hallows on July 17 during my shift at the coffee shop. I watch the first movie on July 12th and saw the last movie tonight, July 19th. Maybe I rushed our relationship, taking it for granted and not enjoying our time together. Maybe that speaks more about who I am and my desire to not prolong things if they need not be prolonged. Either way, Harry and I have come to the end of my HP journey and here are my thoughts from my time with Harry, Hermione, Ron, and the rest of the characters…

  • Harry must have some form of PTSD. After seeing so much death and destruction, people dying for you (Harry’s words, book 7), all your parental figures dying (mom, dad, Sirius), facing Voldemort how many times? surviving the death curse how many times?… yeah, there’s no way anyone could be that well-adjusted. Harry must be seeing a REALLY good therapist or had Ron/Hermione wipe his memory a few times.
  • Being the ‘Chosen One’ has to be extremely isolating. Yeah, he always had Ron and Hermione at his side but Harry was the one who had to do it. He was the one who lived, the one who had to die, the one who was connected to Voldemort, no one else could experience that.
  • I do love how the movies were almost a reunion of the cast from Sense & Sensibility. Anyone else pick up on that? Let me know the characters you find.
  • I loved watching J.K. Rowling’s writing mature as the character’s matured; my favorite part was in book 5 (Order of the Phoenix) when Hermione was explaining to the boys why Cho was acting weird; Ron replies with, “No person can feel all that at once; they’d explode.” Hermione says, “Just because you have the emotional capacity of a teaspoon doesn’t mean everyone is like that.” Perfect explanation of the differences between guys and ladies as they go through life.
  • The Malfoy’s and Umbridge need to be shipped off to a deserted island together filled with dragons and giants.
  • I wanted to see more of the Ginny/Harry relationship.



Now I can cross this off the Seattle Summer Bucket List





I think that’s it for now. What do you think? 







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