baby girl

oh em gee.

I didn’t think my life could change more in one week, and the main reason is because of Baby Girl.

my niece

Baby Girl!

Just to clarify – I’m not pregnant. This is my niece!

I maybe might have put this picture as my desktop background… maybe…

I may or may not have fallen asleep while looking at this picture last night…

Maybe I’m just hormonal – always a valid option, being human and all – but I have cried tears for her already, prayed for her since I knew of her existence, and thought gleefully of the moments we will (hopefully) share for the rest of my life.

My brother, my big beast of a brother, is going to be a dad! I cannot get over that idea… we used to have sleep-overs in his room because he had bunk beds AND superhero sheets. We would laugh and play together; being only 22 months apart made us close as kids, (kind of) enemies as teenagers, and friends as adults. Now he’s going to be in charge of another life (along with Morgan, his wife and child carrier; let’s not negate her role in this awesomeness!).

Baby Girl, I cannot wait to tell you stories of what your dad was like growing up: tree houses, adventures, and things he probably never wants you to know…

ask me anything! 🙂

Baby Girl is kind of a huge deal; aside from the fact that she’s MY NIECE, she is also the first grandchild from my generation of the family on either side. This kid is going to be loved.

Today I dreamed of Skype dates, connecting Austin and Seattle via the interwebs, and seeing her face, seeing her grow from an infant to a toddler, from a toddler to a little kid. I maybe might have cried a bit on the bus ride home today thinking of the day when she would try to say ‘Aunt Courtney’ and some crazy baby language comes out and what that moment would be like for me, to be named by the next generation. Big deal, big tears, no shame.

Wild and extravagant, gracious and merciful God,

May the bumps in her journey be small (if big ones need to happen, please let them be very few and very, very far between). 

May she know love from her mother and her father; from her grandparents and cousins; from her aunts and uncles; and from her (one day (maybe (possibly))) siblings.

May she be rooted in Something that is greater than she can explain.

May her smile come easily, her tears flow freely, her thoughts and ideas bloom always, and her emotions never feared. 

May she have her passport ready and feel the freedom to explore the world – from backyard to “close your eyes and point to a place on the map and that’s where we’ll go…”

May she have partners in crime, the truest of friends, the bestest of buds who grow up and grow with her.

May she know the unexplainable, inescapable Love of You.

and may you place fear into any person – man, woman, boy, or girl – who ever touches Baby Girl in a way that would cause her harm because that is the day that I will

loose. my. shit.



4 thoughts on “baby girl

  1. And may I say ditto because now hopefully you know the feelings I have for my neice. Fortunately, and finely you were the one that could put my exact feelings into words for me. Love always!!!!

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