hanging out in the ATL

A question was asked…

::do you want to?::

I answered…


– months in the making –

wake up call: 3:37 AM (I hate waking up on perfect timed intervals). Caught the #18 bus at 4:47 AM to Westlake Station. Hopped on the Lightrail around 5:30 AM. Made it to SeaTac by 6:30 AM. Plane took flight by 8:15 AM

—lost 3 hours of my life in the air—

Landed in Atlanta by 3:43 PM and saw this sweet, sweet face by 6:30.


 Happy birthday, Grandma!

Tuesday night was the first time ever that all 5 of her grandkids have been in the same room. We came from Key West, New Hampshire, Austin, Seattle, and Atlanta.

I may not get much school work done this week, and I know I had to beg for the time off from work, but seeing her face when the four of us older grandkids walked through the door was totally worth it.

Totally worth it.

No one is ever too old for a grand gesture, a measure of love, and a sincere “I love you.


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