and now we sigh [deeply]

there is not much that I have experienced in life quite like the freedom in finishing another semester of graduate work at The Seattle School. i finished my papers last night and immediately felt like running around the neighborhood, yelling at the top of my lungs,


but it was too cold, so i snuggled down in my bed, underneath my 4 blankets, while Sense & Sensibility played on my laptop and I read the Post Secret app on my iPhone.

we all celebrate in our own special ways

my soul is light. my heart is full. my brain is empty [for now].

happy resting to all my classmates!

*confession: I tried to ‘save’ this like it was a Word document about 7 times. This speaks to how much I have been on Microsoft Word in the past few days/weeks. Sigh. Habits die hard.

{image found at; taken by ZenShui/Eric Audras}


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