dating and twirling

Now that I’ve slept a bit more and can coherently put together words to make sentences, I guess I’ll tell you about my date

It was good. I had a really good time and would not hate it AT ALL if we spent more time together, but nothing has been planned as of now.

There, that’s all your getting.

Thanks for being excited with me, blog world 🙂

What have I learned from this experience? Well, that I’ll tell you more fully…

I’ve learned that it’s terrifying/exciting/nerve-wracking/powerful to take charge of my life in this way; I’ve been taught in the past that I needed to sit and wait for a man to make the move, so the fact that I gave him my number was a game changer, and one I (obviously) embrace. I no longer take a passive outlook on my life, but will instead co-author my story. Dan Allender would be so proud.

I’ve also learned that I hate, I hate, I HATE the ambiguity of dating. I hate the not knowing part – not knowing what he thinks of me, not knowing if he likes me, not knowing if we’ll hang out again, not knowing if he’ll kiss me or not (I lean towards the PLEASE DO on that one, but whatevs)… The gray space I so welcome in other areas of my life is really not welcomed  a pain in the ass troublesome for me in this venue. And yet it is here, so the bigger question becomes what will I do with the ambiguity…

…will I learn to sit in it and be patient?

…will I rest in the ambiguity, learning from it?

…or will I dance in it, twirling and singing, grateful for the experience?

probably a combination of all of the above, depending on the moment of the day.

Talk about a slow simmer.

For now, I drink my coffee and welcome a new day. I work in a little bit, and have some friends coming over tonight to celebrate my new year. I’ll blog more on that tomorrow.

Selah, my friends. Enjoy today in whatever way you can. Twirl as much as possible 🙂

grace & peace.

twirl, spin, dance, laugh, enjoy

*thanks to Marcelo Santos and Getty Images for the picture


5 thoughts on “dating and twirling

  1. Maybe I’ve told you this before? Maybe not?
    I read a lot of blogs. They mostly annoy me. Mostly I read them so I can be annoyed and feel superior.
    I read yours because I like it. I just like it. Give me more.

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