free form

I can’t help but think that this holiday season is all about eating as many carbohydrates as possible and still pretending to be surprised when my pants no longer fit.

God damn it, I love carbs.

Finn is a new love for me. What a bad ass cat. Some would say he’s a Cool Cat. I’ll let Emily tell you his full name because I can barely remember my own these days. Emily is one of Finn’s mommies and a bad ass Texas transplant (‘whoop’ and all that A&M stuff).

House sitting for people while they leave town may be one of my top five favorite things to do; it’s basically like a stay-cation, except that I still have to work… so maybe it’s more like I’m pretending to live someone else’s life for a while? Shit, that sounds creepy.

But seriously, carbs. Especially carbs with cheese. That shit is good.

I also find it interesting that of all the movies I could watch while at Emily and Jenny’s apartment, I find myself watching movies that I’ve already seen. Evidently I hate change (shocker, I know).

Date guy is a busy man. My official opinion: the ball is in his court.

The only perk of working New Year’s Day? Time and a half. Holla! I’m gonna be making it rain (imagine the hand motions if you know what I’m talking about).

okay and GOODNIGHT!



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