hanging in the big d

Flew in on Friday via Southwest Airlines


Tex Mex and 2 margaritas with ChelC.

Wandered around Plano. I WAS SWEATING AND IT WAS ONLY 66 DEGREES. Reason why I don’t think I’d be able to live in Texas again, even if I desperately wanted to.

Chick Fil A all the time.

Worked on some reading and writing for school.

Spent some time with Hector.


Ate a lot of good food… well, I ate a lot of Chick Fil A and a bit of Tex-Mex, too.

Char-latte got married!


Ate more Chick Fil A.

Drank with college friends and we danced into the early hours of the morning.

Made new friends and invited every single one of them to visit me if they ever made their way to Seattle.

I ate more Chick Fil A.

and now I make my way back to the rainforest I call home.

Dallas, I’ll be back. This trip was too much fun for one weekend to hold.

Selah indeed.



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