hurt so good

I have the privilege of working with a trainer at the gym I use, and the perk of this situation is that this trainer and I are in the same program at our school. We share classes, friends, and a belief that the body, psyche, and soul are all intertwined; so while I sweat and get to ‘hurt so good,’ our conversations  range from, “I watched this movie last night with my house mates,” to the more practical, “I need to talk with Kristen Houston about my course rotation…”

Here are some quotes from todays session:

Stephanie: “Use your core to twist and act like you’re hitting someone.”

Courtney: “Why so violent, Steph? Want to talk about something?”

S: “You can tell [a mutual friend of ours who is a Cross Fit trainer] that you just did Mt. Climbers, Thrusters, and pushups. He’ll be excited because that’s a Cross Fit work out.”

C: “I knew there was a reason that I never, ever wanted to join Cross Fit.”

C: “I hate Mt. Climbers. They are the mean girls to my high school experience.”

C: “Is that muscle really that important?” (I really, really, really didn’t want to do more pushups.

S:”Pop your hips, Courtney. Squeeze your glutes and pop your hips forward.”

C: “I feel like you’re preparing me for sex, and I am thankful for your help.”

(continued the workout and she laughed, realizing that I was correct).

“See? I’m right. Still grateful.

C: “You know you’re my bad object right now, right? I kind of hate you.”

S: (laughing) “I know, I can take your rage so it’s okay.”

Always a barrel of laughs when you work with me.


2 thoughts on “hurt so good

  1. Good times… Reading this blog was a delightful way to end my day (I worded from 9 AM-9:30 PM today)… It’s hard to believe that this took place this morning : ) You kicked ass!!!!

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