Today I find myself thankful for things that I usually take for granted.

Sunshine, for one. When that big, beautiful ball of fire in the sky makes an appearance during the winter months in Seattle I find there to be an electricity in the air that is hard to describe; like it’s a reminder to humanity that the Divine has not forgotten us. The sun is to me what the rainbow was to Noah.

I am not forgotten. I am remembered by the One who continues to create.

I’m thankful for a life where I get to dream, and dream big. There is space in my heart and life for me to pursue things that I didn’t know were possible 3 years ago. I am slowly learning that I am hindered only by myself and giving in to the word should when applying it to my life.

should is now a dirty word for me.

I am so very thankful for friends who dream with me, encourage me, push me, and love me. Friends who freak out with me, celebrate with me, cry with me, cry for me, and live life with me. Women, especially, who call me into a deeper knowing of myself my desires, and my longings of the woman I want to be.

So much gratitude for this simple life of mine; so much thankfulness.

And now I move onto homework. Grace to all of you this fine, sunny, Seattle day.



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