she’s here

For those who read this blog but don’t follow me on Twitter, this will be news for you…

She’s here.

Mom, Dad, and Baby Girl

best looking burrito in the history of the world

"take one more picture and I will climb back into that womb. GET THAT CAMERA OUTTA MY FACE!"

I waited all day on Wednesday for this little nugget to make her grand entrance; good thing I found distractions (i.e. schoolwork that needed to be turned in that day) because I was first told she’d be here by 10 am…

then noon…

then 2 pm…

FINALLY, at 2:49 Pacific time (4:49 Central Time, where she actually was), Baby Girl came into the world.

Kingsley Austin,

you will do great things

because anything you do will be amazing. 

My brother became a dad. This has been the most mind-boggling thing of the whole Baby Mania for me. My heart was heavy that I could not be there to hug him, to see her, to see my sister-in-law. I cried a lot last night, tears of joy mixed with tears of longing, realizing how much I will miss by living so far away.

Brother, I love you, and Morgan is a total bad ass. Give Kingsley a kiss for me and tell her grand and amazing stories of her fabulous, adventurous, brave (on a good day) Aunt Courtney. 



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