dear Emily and Jenny,

Dear Emily & Jenny,

I love staying at your apartment and watching Finn.

I love that I sat on your couch last night and watched the sky turn pink as the sun set on the other side of the building.

I love cooking pancakes in your kitchen.

I love checking your mail. Well, ‘love’ would be a strong word; I don’t mind it at all, but I do find it amusing that when sorting through it, I find myself looking for mail addressed to me even though I don’t live there.

I love playing with Finn. The determination with which he chases that damn feather around will serve my procrastination purposes until I lose interest – which still takes longer than it normally does.

I love that I lay on the floor in your living room in an experiment to see if Finn will meet my needs and come to me, or if he is the only one who is allowed to be needy in our relationship.

I do not love giving him his pill, but I do it and he’s taking them like a champ.

I do not love that, on the days that I actually get to sleep in, he wakes me up at 7 AM.


I love that I find myself moving the coffee table closer to the couch so that I can comfortably watch Netflix without straining to see my laptop screen.

I love that after I moved the coffee table closer and am comfortably settled is the time when Finn usually come to cuddle, revealing again that his own neediness outweighs mine. He loved watching Downton Abbey with me last night, by the way.

I love sleeping in your bed, Emily. It has been so comfortable and warm that I may start brokering a trade of beds with you.

I love taking over your kitchen for all cooking purposes (not just the aforementioned pancakes) while watching Finn attempt dangerous climbs to explore his autonomy and boundaries since I have decided that he is totally an adolescent at this point.

Thanks for allowing me another staycation. Safe travels and happy adventures to you both!




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