food, film, and the 28 Day Challenge explained [maybe]

It started for me when I saw this movie…

From that movie comes this book…

the 28 Day Challenge is the Engine 2 diet (also known as E2)

…and this book was the basis for the 28 Day Challenge that I did through my work.

We had the opportunity to sign up to have our biometrics done (our cholesterol tested, blood pressure taken, and BMI calculated) to receive a higher employee discount, all on a volunteer basis. Since the Engine 2 Diet is a 28 Day plan, we (some of those who signed up), did the 28 Day Challenge (you might have seen my Twitter posts with the hashtag of #28daychallenge or #IAMHUNGY). All who began the challenge did not complete the challenge.

For 25 days (because I started 3 days late – who starts a diet on Friday, Kerri? That’s dumb, so I started on Monday), I ate a plant-based, whole food (unprocessed), whole grain diet with no oil and no sugar. I only had oil when food was cooked for me – for instance, when I went out to eat with friends – but I had no sugar and no animal products for 25 days. All veggies, fruits, and grains.

Then I had this to celebrate after I had my testing done…

death by burger and milkshake, thanks to the Lunchbox Laboratory

oh. em. gee. That was some delicious food.

Too bad I felt like complete shit for a week. 

I’ve gone vegan again for now. I’m  also attempting to stay away from sugar because it makes me lose all control and then I eat an entire package of 28 sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles in the middle like an icing and sprinkles sandwich on sugar cookie bread

not like that’s really happened before…

it was only that one time…

please don’t judge me…

I’m just sayin’…


When eating with groups of people (a la Student Leadership), I will eat what has been prepared for me, vegetarian style since I know we have some vegetarians on the team.

I just got this book and have already made a couple of staples tonight and will make a soy chorizo black bean stew tonight while I sleep…

All that to say, be prepared for pictures of food on here; I’ll try to not overwhelm people on Twitter and Facebook with food pictures and just regulate them to here with recipes that I’ll be trying with links to the websites/blogs I find them (when possible).

Eat it up, y’all. This Texan is doing things differently… for now…



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