a new day

Anytime I travel I try to journal about my experience, whether I’m returning to a familiar place or traveling somewhere new. The following is taken from my journal when I traveled to Dallas in January; I came across it this week and I found myself moved again by my words and remembering where I was emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually on that trip…

I woke up this morning at 5 AM. I caught a bus at 6:23 AM. I hopped on the light rail around 7:25 AM. I rode that all the way to the airport.

Passing through Columbia City, I put down my copy of A Shining Affliction long enough to look out the window and I saw the beginnings of sunlight; the beginning of a new day. Surprisingly, I felt sadness at this idea.

This day is here. There is no stopping today from showing up. I cannot control the turning of the earth and it’s rotation around the sun. All I can do is live today, be fully alive, be fully myself as I know myself to be in this moment, stop wishing for some other version of myself to show up. Be present. Be alive. Love myself well and love others.

Today is a new day. Another day to get reacquainted with me. To be present enough with me that I can be aware of others and have a genuine encounter with others.

 Today is a new day.

 What are you doing today?  


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