This world will make you think you are crazy.

I have had multiple moments in the past two weeks where I’ve thought that I may actually be going slowly insane because things were happening, people were saying things, and I found myself reacting one way while everyone else seemed to react a completely different way.

*I shared a deep insight of my life with someone and they abruptly changed the subject.

*A man in my theology table group made a joke about women not being allowed in church leadership and while everyone else gave a chuckle, my eyes became wet with tears.

*An internship interview took a turn for the strange and became an unwelcomed therapy session, leaving me feeling dirty.

Yes, this world will have you think you are the crazy one.

In each instance I was keenly aware of the shift in momentum of the moment and of the conversation; I thought, “Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m being too sensitive,” but then I heard the small voice that is inside of me saying, “trust your instinct. trust your gut.” This is the voice that I have been attempting to cultivate at school for the past three years, so I trust that voice.

I’ve spent a lot of time and a lot of money doing some really hard work on myself, so when I begin to feel crazy I look around and ask, “Who is trying to make me carry their crazy? Who is pushing their crazy onto me?”

This world will try to make you think that you are the crazy one because you are choosing a path that looks out of the ordinary. You are choosing to live a life that is different from most of the people in your world. You’re making decisions and choices that bring you to life.

This world will try to make you think you are the crazy one, but that usually just means that you are on the right track to being the you that you’ve only dreamed of being.

to the dreamers, or those who long to be dreamers: listen to your gut. it will show you the way.



One thought on “crazy-making

  1. I like you. I’ve been feeling pretty crazy lately, too, and that small voice inside me only seems to be getting smaller. But I’m trying to resurrect it. Thanks for your thoughts here. You give me reason to keep trying. 🙂

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