too tired to title

19 days until I leave for Ireland.

14 days until the end of the spring term at school.

Within those 14 days, here’s what I’ve got to do…

            • Two reading seminars (which means two articles to read/summarize (and one discussion to lead on one of those articles))
            • One 8-page research paper over scriptural performance for my New Testament class
            • One 7-10 page research paper over the connection between the lack of lament in the Western Christian church and the narcissistic structure of the Western Christian Church for Theology II
            • One more Working Definition paper (two articles read and summarized) for my Therapy I class
            • Professional Portfolio done for Therapy I class
            • Professional Workbook completed for Therapy I class
            • Case Study over Laura from the HBO series In Treatment (including 4-axil diagnosis and GAF score) for Therapy I class
            • Two final exams, one for New Testament and one for Theology.

Within those things, I also have 30ish hours of work a week, at least one interview for an internship, hopefully sleeping at some point… seriously, I just need to get on that plane and then I can rest.

-19 days and so much to do-


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