dear tom {in which I beg the Internets for help to find the love of my life}

Dear Tom,

The moment I saw you, I was smitten.

Like, whoa, smitten.

We had a brief conversation at the Temple Bar Pub in Dublin on the night of April 24th, between the time of 11 PM and 1:30 AM. I had already drank too much (which is inevitable when your best friend tells the whole damn bar that it’s your birthday), and the music was amazing (thanks to All Fol’ked Up – catchy name, fantastic music!), so I wasn’t fully engaging in our conversation. You soon left, saying you had “business to take care of,” while you walked toward the exit door, and I didn’t follow you.

I didn’t follow you.

That is the ONLY regret I have about my trip because, dear Tom, I think you may be my soul mate.*

I know you saw me chatting animatedly with the Baby Faced Australian boy but it’s because he was telling me about his upcoming trip to Texas and I felt he needed some direction and guidance as to his itinerary. Tom, please know that I would never hurt you and our (possible) love by flirting with Baby Faced Australian Boy (he was 20, for crying out loud! too young, too young), I was merely excited about sharing my love for Austin and all the adventures he should have.

Tom, please, if you see this, let’s chat.

Dear Internets, this is a cry for help. Please help me find Tom. Here is all I know…

    • He is British
    • He was in Dublin for work.
    • He is an electrical engineer
    • He was at the Temple Bar Pub some time between 11 PM and 1 AM
    • He is around 5’10” – 6’3″ tall
    • His beard was perfect; cropped closed to the face but long enough to be soft (yes, I touched his beard. I’m that girl).

Literally, that’s all I got. 

If you know of a man who fits the above description and location details, please send an email to so that I may have the opportunity to speak with Tom again.**

Thank you for your help in this endeavor.

May we all find our own versions of bearded, burly, brainy British men.

Grace and peace.

*Tom is either my soul mate or a douche bag. I feel as though there is no middle ground in this area.

**yes, I did really set up this email. I’m that serious.


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