tom: the update

Here’s what you’ve all be waiting for……

I still haven’t heard from Tom.

but this is not unusual since I haven’t really looked myself. I’ve sent you all out to do it for me, to ask weird questions to your friends, to post my blog on your own page, to tweet it out to the interwebs.

Asking others to find a man named Tom in England is, quite literally, like searching for a needle in a haystack. And, right now, I have no time to search, but I have a lot of time to wonder about how that night could have ended differently.

Alas, that is a blog that will not be written.

I feel as though I have righted my regret simply by putting it out into the world, “I want another chance!” Admitting my regret and seeking to redeem that moment made the regret more bearable, almost extinguished it altogether.


What else can I do? Any advice? Any tips on how to find a burly, British, brainy needle in a haystack the size of the world?

I await your direction, blogosphere of hope and joy.




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