on gratitude and love

I had the pleasure of traveling to the eastern side of Canada last week to participate in a beloved friend’s wedding. The most lovely part of this trip was that this would be the first time I had seen my friend since our friendship had, essentially, crumbled. We’ve work very hard these past two years to not rebuild what was, but to create a friendship that will last. When I came down the escalator at the airport, and I saw him walking towards me, I immediately began to cry. All the time we had spent apart melted away, and here was my friend, Robyn, hugging me and chuckling at my unabashed tears (I may have been quietly sobbing, I’m not really sure anymore). I spent the next two days helping him and his fiancé, Matt, prepare for their wedding and their reception, humbled for being asked to stand along side them as a witness to their love and dedication to each other for as long as they both are alive.

At the airport on the journey home, I wrote the following:

This is what I know to be true…
Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions I have ever experienced; gratitude will lead you to do strange things, usually in public, like cry uncontrollably or literally laugh out loud. Gratitude will overtake you to the point that you don’t even care if people are starring at you while you cry or laugh because all you know, all you can feel, all you are aware of in that moment is this overwhelming sense of a giant ‘thank you’ to the universe. Nothing else matters. No one else matters. You can only think of telling everyone around about this sensation you feel, this gratefulness that has literally claimed your body as home and you can only hope that it stays forever. Gratitude invades you.

This is what I know to be true:
Love shows itself in the most unlikely ways. You think it’s going to come up to the front door of your home, knock, and announce its entrance; but it actually sneaks in the back and lounges in the kitchen, like an old friend who knows how to make themselves at home. Love comes when it wants, how it wants, and you can either embrace love and feel its warmth spread through your being and soak in through your pores, or you can hold it at arms length, waiting for love to prove itself to you. Choose Love’s embrace.

There were moments all through my trip that I will hold tightly to my heart for as long as my memory allows, but I hope to never forget how to celebrate as we did that night at the reception; words of affirmation, of love, of support, of encouragement from Robyn and Matt’s community of friends and family saturated the air while we ate, drank, and were merry. We partook of cupcakes, of the candy bar, and of the midnight poutine buffet

and we danced.

Oh Lord, did we dance.

because it is not often that one has a chance to celebrate the love, the gratitude, and the courage that it takes to say I do.


3 thoughts on “on gratitude and love

  1. I miss you cuz! You have one of the most loving, beautiful souls of anyone I know:) we need to catch up soon. I love hearing the happiness in your voice. Have an awesome week!

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