finals ramblings

I’m sitting at school with my reading group for our Therapy II class, working on defining psychotherapy words and terms, and trying to just generally get shit done before the end of term. I’ve done (most of) my work, I didn’t sleep much last night, and I have too much caffeine in my system, which means overall chaos in my head, so I’m throwing it down here.

  • I had a client at internship come up behind me and play with my hair. I was incredibly freaked out, and there’s more to the situation, but I’m not super stoked at the possibility of seeing him again this week – he might have actually been kicked out of the center, so we shall see. 
  • 21 days until I’m back in Texas for Christmas! I’m landing at 1 AM on Christmas Eve morning, and I am seriously pondering picking up my rental car and driving the 1.5/2 hours to this golden palace of light and love. You may see an ornate gas station, but anyone who has road tripped in Texas and had the privilege of experiencing this place will know that it is much, much more.
  • 208 days until I walk across the stage at graduation and receive my Masters degree. I’m going to wear that Masters hood everywhere, at least for the day. I’ve threatened coworkers that, if I still happen to be making sandwiches and burritos at that time, I will rock that hood whilst doing so.
  • As always, I find the coolest things online when I’m supposed to be doing work. Today’s find: I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS. Huge thanks to Hope for posting the link to the Fiona Apple blog post on her Facebook page. My personal favorite is the Chapel Session with Hey Marseilles, a lovely band from my adoptive city of Seattle. I heart them.
  • Also, this just makes me smile a lot, and even laugh out loud. Keep clicking the ‘I still feel crappy’ link at the bottom and continue to feel loved for hours (actually minute(s), since there’s not a lot of compliments to go through).
  • The Pope is on Twitter. And also, the Pope is on Twitter.
  • My friends have a new song out and you need it. Like, now.


    picture of a cat, just for funzies.

Fine. I’ll get some work done now.



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