nothing has changed, but everything feels different.

Nothing has changed, but everything feels different.

Lighter. Brighter. Ominous without the dark foreboding, if that’s even possible. Excitement is near, electricity is in the air.

PossibilityLife is full of possibilities, endless moments and little decisions that lead to the grand adventure of living life to the fullest.

The last twelve months that we bundle together and label 2012 were twelve of the best months of my short and lovely life.

Endless possibilities.

These next twelve hold so much possibility, so much potential for greatness, so much goodness and light that I can barely comprehend that I get to do it again.

I get to live again.

Every day.

To choose to choose, and not just simply accept what is in front of me.

To continually dream of who I want to be and chase that woman down with all my might.

To sing songs, laugh with abandon, cry with passion, and smile like I have a secret.

To run, walk, or crawl through the good, rough, and bad times.

To call, text, email, fly, drive, or bus to see faces of people who

love me

                                                                love me

                          LOVE ME. 

Oh yes. I get to do it again.

I will do it again, and I will continue to not apologize for taking up space in this world. I will carve, chisel, dynamite blast myself a cozy corner and stake my claim, breathing deeply that sweet, sweet air; I will turn my face towards the rain and feel it redeem me every day.

Oh yes. I will do it all again.


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