post grad life, indeed.

So many words to share, yet I seem to be lacking in the artistry it takes to put them together. In the three months that have passed since I last wrote in here, this piece of the internet I call MINE, so much has happened.


I graduated. That thing I’ve been working towards for four years (!!!) has been completed. Family came, some for the first time, and celebrated me. I felt very loved that week. My cohort crowded into Town Hall and tried to hear the words of blessing spoken over us by our faculty, our staff, our fellow travelers on this journey. We cheered, we wept, we got that diploma, we took pictures, we laughed, and we parted ways for (possibly) the last time.

I am overwhelmed with life’s simplicity these days. I work, I spend time with friends, and I fret over how I will pay my bills in the coming months. At least I get to read what I want now… which has turned out to be my old textbooks these days. Is this what being an adult is supposed to be? I still wrestle with how I will use my degree, and some days are better (i.e. easier) than others when it comes to believing in myself as a therapist. Other days, I chop vegetables, make salads, and weep quietly in the freezer at my day job while I continue to dream about my dream job.


Along with graduation came another one of life’s surprises. I started dating someone. Most of my silence over the past few months has mostly been from the curious intersection of how do I share my life when it has surprisingly become so intricately intertwined with the life of another? I finally talked with him about wanting to write here about my life again, which would sometimes include my experiences with him, of him, of me learning how to share myself with someone I love….

He would like to be known in this blog as Guy.

He is good, and kind. He makes me laugh a lot; makes me think and feel things that are new, or old things in a new light, and I love him.

stolen moment was stolen

stolen moment was stolen

Life sure is interesting these days.



5 thoughts on “post grad life, indeed.

  1. My dream job is getting put together little pieces at a time, like a laborious puzzle. And sometimes I lose pieces as quickly as I find them. But I think with your degree and, way more importantly, your self, you easily have the outside edges of your puzzle. Whenever you find a way to practice therapy officially, I will so give your name out when people ask me for Seattle referrals.

  2. Congratulations!!
    Oh god, life after graduating, especially when we drag school out for the majority of early adult life seems so surreal.
    Being able to read what we want. During this summer break i’ve been going back to my textbooks to read too, who would have thought. These habits don’t die hard.

    Love you, See you tonight!

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