intentional celebration

Tonight, I will drink champagne.

I bought a cheap bottle to celebrate the ending of graduate school, but that came and went. Then, I figured I would use it to mark the one year anniversary of living alone, a feat that I did not think was possible on some levels, but that day also passed with little fanfare (November 5th, if you care to know). Tonight, I came home from work and I remembered the bottle of champagne I had bought back in early March. I popped the cork,  I poured it into my plastic wine glass, and I mixed it with a bit of apple cider (’tis the season, y’all).

I had been saving this $7 bottle of  to celebrate these milestone accomplishments; big moments in life are usually the time when we pause, giving space for our hearts to expand and contract with intention and deep appreciation. We move quickly through the ordinary without much thought to the fact that our lives are mostly ordinary moments. Why should we not take pause to celebrate the cooking of a meal, the steady fall of the rain, the warmth of our bed, the comfort of a hug, or the inhale and exhale of our breath?


I pour this glass just to mark today, the here and now; not to celebrate any great accomplishment, or to mark some amazing achievement, but because it’s Monday and I’m breathing.

I’m feeling.

I’m alive.

I’m making life work.

I love who I am.

And that is good enough.

Tonight I celebrate the good enough that is my life, while still holding out hope for the extraordinary moments that will come in pursuing my dreams, of living into my desires and passions, and maybe even owning a car one day.

But tonight, I am breathing and feeling, and that is good enough.

I am good enough.

Please, don’t wait for a special occasion to celebrate your breath, your presence on this planet. Inhale, exhale, and feel joy bloom in your chest, radiate down through your arms, and out your fingers, and know that you are here, now, and that is worthy of a glass of something fizzy.

Selah, my friends.


One thought on “intentional celebration

  1. Wow… Profound wisdom and beautifully written. Some of those sentiments reminded me of the wisdom of a man with initials D.A. Good on you CW… Celebrate the ordinary yet sacred moments of life. Cheers.

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