My life has been so flooded with change that I have no words. Every time I attempt to write out all the shifts and twists from the past two months, I have no idea where to start. The beginning seems to be a good place, but I can’t even pinpoint that. Where did it all start?

Two months ago my job title was Catering Supervisor. I had a Masters degree and I spent most of my days frying tortilla chips, making food, and creating beautiful platters. It wasn’t hard; following a recipe may be the easiest thing I have ever done for work. After four years of grad school, there was a part of me that delighted in the mundane task of chopping, cooking, arranging, and connecting with customers even when they pissed me off. It was easy, it was predictable (most of the time), and the team I worked with was made up of wonderful, kind people.

These people, my former coworkers, are never far from my mind. I spent more time with them than with family, classmates, or friends. They became my tribe in a lot of ways, and I am still in awe of how they encouraged and supported me when I was leaving.

Today, my job looks vastly different. I still bear the scars of my time in kitchen work -the physical as well as every other kind- and I know this new gig will leave its own mark on my heart. Now I work in homeless youth services; I find homeless and runaway youth a safe place to stay, whether if it’s for a night or for a month. Today I sat in a room with two US Congressmen and other people in my field and they talked about how we can do better. What do we need to do better in this work? That was my morning. The day ended with juice boxes in a park with my coworkers.

Yeah. Life has changed a bit. 


but I still look good.

There are fewer dance parties, and there’s less snacks (which is a travesty), but burning myself is no longer a concern and the only cut I can get at work is from paper. I also don’t have to wear a hat, which is both a blessing and a curse.

I’m learning to laugh with these new people I work with, and we’re learning how to be with each other in the midst of our own projects and meetings and clients. We share the hard stories of our day so that the weight of such tales does not have to be felt alone. We are becoming a cohesive team, and it is a lovely thing to experience from the inside out.

That’s all my words for now. It’s sort of the beginning, but maybe a bit after the start (as if stories always have to be linear…)



Gratuitous picture of my car because I am still having a hard time believing I have one.

Say ‘Hello!’ to Captain Margaret the Adventurous!


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